"Ideas on track"

DIPSA Technes, based in Bologna (Italy), since 1992 designs, manufactures and sales, with proven exper- tise, machine, vehicles and equipments (some of which are patented) for construction and maintenan- ceof railway track.

In cooperation with best suppliers in mechanical engineering andelectronics DIPSA Technes can successfully meet many challenges in railway industry, with flexibility, competence and customer orientation. "Machines, vehicles and equipments" mean a product range that includes both the small device and wagons or convoy of railway wagons with specific functions.

DIPSA Technes is a small company strongly focused on innovation, which allowed in few years an increa- se of product quality from the technological point of view and in R&D.

In particular, Dipsa Technes:
designs, produces and sales specific railway equipments (some of which are patented)
designs, builds and markets spare parts for railway equipment (some of which are patented)
spare parts
prototypes and machines based on customer specification
on-site assistance with its own personnel
maintenance of transport and railway equipment