Dipsa is a small company with a strong innovative drive that in just a few years has increased the quality of its technology and its research and development.




Overhauling, repairs


Marketing tools for railway equipment, both for renewal and maintenance.

Thanks to the experience gained through creating numerous applications, Dipsa can find solutions to any problem by designing dedicated equipment, some of which is patented, such as flatbed wagons with hydraulic ramps (Mod. CR 2), well wagons for tunnelling machines (Mod. CR 4), PANDROL coupling fitting machines (Mod. SAP2 e SAP4), Super-light electronic VOSSLOH screw-spiking machines (Mod. IES 2 CS), OLE antifreeze system (Mod. FroSTOP) etc...

On request and customer specification, Dipsa can also design and build prototypes, intervene on-site with their personnel and carry out maintenance on various kinds of equipment.